About Us

White Orca started off very small scale… a start up business with one client on the books. We’ve grown and developed since those early days but those memories are still the driving force behind the company. We want to support and champion small and medium sized business and work with them to transition their company processes so they are able to grow and expand. Our client base is diverse and from across all sectors but the common thread between them is the issues they experience in trying to grow. Many of our clients work in business that support others and there is a huge satisfaction in helping them overcome their IT struggles so they can spend their energies focusing on their core business.

The variety of the projects we work on keep life interesting from design and development to bespoke training sessions to the more traditional service management.

White Orca is committed to a hands-on and personal approach to every project. The small and flexible team work together to ensure strong relationships are built and maintained with our clients and the vast majority of our work is generated from repeat business, referrals and recommendations.

Adam Bird

Adam Bird


Adam is one of those rare ICT professionals who can communicate with ordinary mortals! He combines this talent with a creative and entrepreneurial streak which will add value to any business. Adam continues to invest in himself and his services; and I would recommend his internal/external customer service skills to any company wanting to migrate their ICT to meet the demands and opportunities in our contemporary world.

Dr Paul Aitken

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