We see the need for information management applications from two stances:


1. Smooth operator – getting more done, quicker

So, you’ve got bottlenecks in your business processes, a need to expand an area of your business without investing in staff, or maybe you have a brilliant new business idea to serve over the internet – we can provide bespoke, off-the-shelf or hybrid solutions in all these scenarios…


2. Leading the way – making the smart business decisions


Make your business information more accessible to those who need it most & use this to drive your business forward through the current recession. We build data-driven bespoke business applications & solutions built on web-based platforms allowing for use internally on your company IT network, hosted online or bridging the gap between the two. Our solutions can be outright bespoke applications, or compliment a solution from a suite of recommended products.


We do iOS, Android & hybrid apps too.

Implement simple ideas that can make your business functions & information more accessible to your staff & customers on the move, whether on the road over 3G or roaming the office on Wi-fi.

Thinking about mobile app development……hands up who loves their phone or tablet?

We do too! We love to think of simple apps to complement our online business applications or apps that are just fun!

Looking for a tailor-made solution, ask about how we can help you.